Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Producing a TV commercial in Thailand: Oregon. So Sharp, Saves Your Money

Over the past year, I had be fully involved in the production of my first ever TV commercial! And where better to do it in Asia than Thailand, the land full of whacky, witty, touching and viral TV commercials?

That said, we faced a difficulty. We are trying to promote chainsaw spare parts.


Yes. Chainsaw spare parts, the parts you use to replace/repair those bloody rumbling machines used by psychos to hack people into pieces in the movies.

The users are limited. Censors will never allow us to showcase real tree-cutting action on public TV. So how?

Well, that's not really my problem right? The creative team of the media agency we worked with took our brief and worked wonders with it, and after half a year of hard work, I am proud to say that the final product has been on TV for a month already, and will continue to air until the end of November. It's not viral material, but for the subject matter, I believe we have done a good job. And here's a string of photos to commemorate what has to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my time thus far in Thailand.

Countless meetings to refine the final storyboard and all the other details.
Final group photo with the talented team before actual production.
Preparing the studio

Final discussions with the 'project manager' before the shoot

Spying the shoot from afar, comfortably in reach of snacks and drinks

Finally, face to face with my lumberjack, has the air of Gerard Butler, doesn't he?

Thai lines for the British model

Noah busy snacking on the couch during his studio visit

Work in progress

How can we not sneak some pictures in during the lunch break?

A family picture or 2 would be nice too

The bloody gimmick, firmly rejected by the censors.

Witty gimmick formulated by the fun-loving director

With this introduction, I think all of you can now sit back and enjoy our final product, called "LUMBERJACK".

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