Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Stranger in Bangkok's (likely-permanent) Facelift

Thanks to you and everyone else reading this, I have been fortunate enough to have sufficient support and motivation to keep this blogging endeavor alive for the last 5 years. In fact, this blogging journey has given me more rewards that I could have ever imagined. The love from my readers, however few there may be, the precious friendships I have made or rekindled because of this space, I treasure every bit of it.

My biggest satisfaction to date happened at the tail end of 2014, where my popular Thailand Winter Getaway Series indirectly inspired a couple of talented photographers (Terry and Ginosko from One Eye Click) and a set of lovebirds to embark on a journey deep into central Thailand (completely unknown to them otherwise) to shoot their pre-wedding pictures. I was involved in the planning, and when the beautiful pictures were published, I was literally beaming from ear to ear, elated at the positive energy this humble blog has generated.

Just one of the many stunning pictures taken. Credit: One Eye Click

Over the years, I have also made it a point to revamp the look of my blog frequently, to keep it fresh and updated, however, it also involved sticking my friends and colleagues onto the blog banner, which might not be totally appropriate. Therefore, in collaboration with One Eye Click, I did a personal shoot at my favourite night market in Thailand, and the shots have now been used to permanently grace the blog, as they have effectively captured its spirit-- the story of a stranger trying to navigate his way in his colourful surroundings that is called Bangkok.

Credits: One Eye Click

Aside of these, every picture you see on my "About Me" and "Contact Me" pages and also the banner on my Facebook Page are from the same shoot.

So thank you once again Terry and Ginosko, for making me such a satisfied blogger, and to subsequently capture the blog's spirit so well. I am certain this 'cosmetic surgery' has undoubtedly lifted the Stranger in Bangkok's image to another level. And to my readers, I hope you like what you see. As long as you want to read, I will not stop writing.


  1. Hey cool pics! Solo photo shoot. Wow! What a foreign idea! ;)

  2. Yeah. It was just a spontaneous idea and we made it happen! To dare is to do! I am just so glad the project went in the right hands and the pics turned out perfect!

  3. I opened page on bangkok.com with list of Bangkok bloggers (as Im trying to become on of you guys :D) and nearly all those blogs arent anymore! You are on of very few which are still active. The others didnt post for more than a year...

    So Im very happy I found your blog. You have greats pics.

    1. Hi Kristyna

      Thanks for dropping by! Probably it's because I am still here but most of the other bloggers are not in Thailand anymore?

      You have a nice blog too, and it's nice that you are starting to blog in English!



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