Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Family in Bangkok's battle with Herpangina

Sorry for the long lull. It hasn't been an easy time for the Yii household these past few weeks.

Ever since we came back to Bangkok from our Chinese New Year break in February, all of us have been hit by bugs/viruses and there was hardly a day when all 3 in my house were completely healthy. Noah seemed to be the fittest amongst the 3, because while both Li Li and myself were hit for at least 2 weeks each, he managed to recover from his bout of herpangina within 4 days. However, it was still very difficult for us to see little Noah struggling for comfort as it was his first real illness more than a year after his jaundice ordeal at birth.

Poor little Noah all feverish and uncomfortable

A lot went through my mind when I was hit by Noah's virus shortly after his recovery.

For a couple of days, all I could do is to lie on the bed watching my wife taking care of me and Noah at the same time without being able to offer any help.

For the better part of the next 2 weeks, I could not muster energy to do anything after work aside of finish dinner then go to bed immediately.

I realized life went back to square one if you are ill. The only people who will stay with you is your family, and the only people you really care about are your family too. No amount of big deals clinched at my company or even exciting future career opportunities tempted me one bit, even updating this very dear blog of mine meant absolutely nothing anymore.

During the 2 long weeks, the only thing in my mind was, "I need to get well as soon as possible, because my family needs me." That's why I slept as much as I did, and did the bare minimum in office just to ensure things ran smoothly. However, I don't think I did myself a favour by expecting my immune system to be as efficient as Noah's. Instead of recovering within 4 days, my condition deteriorated over the course of 1 week to the point that I had no choice but to visit a doctor. This period of ill health has well and truly reminded me that I am nothing if not for my family, and that I am nothing without my body performing at its optimum condition.

So here's my very brief update of my current status after an extended break from the blogosphere. I can happily announce that I am almost totally recovered now, and will do my best to stay so for as long as possible.

As for you my dear readers, take care of yourselves, because your family needs you, and good health is not something anyone of us can take for granted.


  1. Hello Eddie,

    祝福大家永远平安康乐! - 泰亨

    1. Hello Tai Heng

      Thank you for your well wishes, coming at a good time as it is Thailand's new year tomorrow. I wish the same for you too.



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