Thursday, September 13, 2012

Noah's very first baby photoshoot

Boohoo, I don't want to do this anymore!

Noah is 7.5months old now and has thus far been an absolute joy. I have an Aunt who once told me that her son (my cousin) taught her much more than what she could ever teach him, and I am starting to feel that it is true. Unconditional love aside, Noah's cheerful personality never fails to remind me everyday that happiness can really be very simple. Just let go ahead and laugh, go ahead kiss the one whom you love. His joy is extremely infectious, and long may it continue.

Don't be fooled by the first pic, this is what Noah usually does
As I had shared in a previous post on our maternity photoshoot, unlike in Singapore, photographers who specialise in shooting photos for pregnant mums and little babies come few and far between here in Bangkok, so we were extremely fortunate to have unearthed a gem in Oh, whom we trust will most definitely capture all of Noah's most precious moments growing up here in Thailand (this shoot was done when Noah was 5months old).

Noah's adorable reaction after Daddy blows onto his face
It was a hugely enjoyable session again, as Oh and ourselves have practically become friends after all the constant contact through the months since our first correspondence. Noah himself behaved pretty well over the course of the photoshoot as well. Though we would have liked him to smile more, he only kept his crying towards the end, which is already a blessing I guess!

How are you today? My lovely colourful origami swans
To be honest, because Noah has such impeccably flawless fair skin, my favourite pictures of him are still those taken when he is wearing virtually (totally) nothing, so I'm sorry if I have disappointed those who prefer babies sporting trendy fashionwear.

One of the few lovely full-family pics
I can look back at these pictures again and again and never fail to smile each time. It is such a privilege to have these wonderful pictures for keeps because I know for sure that before I realise, Noah will be a big boy who no longer enjoys my company. That's the time when Li Li and I will need to dig out these pictures and tear with joy reminiscing the good old times, haha!

Noah sleeping with his coffee table book
Meanwhile, we will very soon post the full series of pictures on Noah's Facebook Funpage, so do stay tuned if you would like to catch him in all his glory!

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