Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Stranger in Greece explores the many faces of the Acropolis

Damn, it's difficult to find some good free internet.... We are already in Mykonos, and the wifi of my hotel which I am using now is dodgy, but at least it's free and it works...

Athens was good, as expected. The new Acropolis Museum was fantastic. Built over ancient ruins, we could see the actual dug-up archaeological sites under our feet as we walked on transparent glass panels in parts of the museum. Our guide also gave us an interesting insight on the powerful Greek empire, though the most amusing information for me (pardon my ignorance) was that Eros (aka Cupid) was actually the son of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality. Now that's where those English words came from...

It was the second time I strolled through the ancient city of Athens, but it still managed to enchant me like it did the first time.

Theatre of Dionysus
The Acropolis! I finaly brought Li Li here... =)

Our first 2 days weren't perfect though. Our hotels have been a little disappointing thus far, but well, it's our honeymoon, we have made it a point to make the best out of whatever we are given, so here goes...

The view from our Hotel in Athens, hanging underwear!! Quite arty though, don't ya think?
As I shared in my last post, one of the biggest reasons why I chose Athens as our honeymoon destination was because it was the single city that left the greatest positive impact on me during my countless business trips, so I felt the need to bring Li Li here to experience it for herself, especially the feeling of sitting right opposite the Acropolis when it's brilliantly lit-up at night.

Fortunately, after hours of searching, I finally managed to find the location of the hotel I stayed in during my previous trip (Apostolou Pavlou Street), but the hotel is not there anymore. Nonetheless, we still managed the complete the nostalgic experience at the classy Chocolat Cafe.

Remember this place, I HIGHLY recommend this cafe for all visitors in Athens
As its name suggests, this place specialises in all things Chocolate, be it drinks or dessert. It even has a chocolate salad! Most importantly, its rooftop floor presents us with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis, which was exactly what we needed.

The Acropolis watching over us.....
After our main course of Parpadele with lemon cream sauce, fresh salmon and zuchini, which was ok but a little dry for my liking, we ordered the cafe's special dessert, a platter of 3 chocolate mousses (milk, dark and white) with 2 huge scoops of chocolate ice-cream.

The fantastic dessert. It cost us 22SGD, but it's a combination of 5 elements that can each cost up to 6-8SGD easily in Singapore, so it's value for money!

While we were happily tucking into our food, the Acropolis showed its many faces.

Majestic in the day
Gloriously brilliant after nightfall
If you only have time for 1 good meal in Athens, believe me, this has to be the best way to enjoy it. The free shot of Limoncello after the meal was not our cup of tea, but we'll treat it as an added bonus anyway!

We're currently on Ornos Beach, Mykonos!

Thanks to all your well-wishes and blessings, I consider this a smooth start to our exciting journey.

Mykonos next, watch this space!

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