Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Gibthai Party

Sorry guys for posting my big face on my blog, but I think it's proper that I begin this post on the right note.

Since my time in Thailand, I have been to 3 Gibthai-organized parties and this is the 3rd one. Gibthai is celebrating their 25th anniversary and small little Eddie has once again been invited to grace an event as a VIP. The difference this time is that I brought my wife along to witness another huge occasion.

Actually, we had been a little uneasy about going this time, because 12th March was the day at which the red shirts marched into Bangkok from all angles. Oh well, we made our way there anyway, and saw some red shirts waving to us on the back of pickups (are they saying hello or goodbye i wonder, probably goodbye).

Fortunately for Gibthai, I believe more than a thousand people still turned up for the event. This event is to thank customers and suppliers alike for their support in the past years. Aside of nice doorgifts, games and food, the highlights of the show were a lucky draw and a concert consisting of 6 of the most popular pop stars in Thailand. Hmmm.... think maybe JJ Lin, Ah-Du, Joi Chai, Olivia Ong, By2 and Tanya gracing such an event in Singapore. Really, the audience had a heck of a good time......

The guests queue-ing up to get registered outside the Royal Jubilee Ballroom.

A snapshot of the prizes in store for us. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Blackberries, Luggages, Picnic tables. I was very disappointed to not be able to ride home in a new motorcycle, but I did not go home empty-handed, I won a picnic table! BBQ in Bangkok anyone?

One of the colourful but not-so-tasty desserts that night.

Each of the 6 games are a sure-win, including this simple game where we just have to catch a flying styrofoam ball and win.

While everyone was still outside playing their games and taking pictures at the photo corner, the show has already started.

Gibthai does not carry the all the premium brands in the world, neither do they sell the cheapest things in the world, yet even the manager of my freight forwarding company knows them, and everyone loves them and buys products from them.

Here's the owner Khun Nivest giving his thank you speech to the audience while introducing the team behind Gibthai's ceaseless growth. Every one of this team has been in Gibthai since I first knew them 5 years ago. A group of happy, dedicated and loyal staff, a loving and kind owner, excellent after-sales service for customers.... that may be the absolute formula for success.

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